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2023 (intentional;)

Gradual switch to 100% volunteering - horizon early 2024

The project RUPTURE(21 will be 10 years old in September 2023. This adventure will have kept most of its promises, in time to open a new parenthesis, imagined on my 40th birthday. Midlife crisis or not .... 14 years later, brick after brick, I'm almost there, with this even stronger original desire to switch to a world of barter, where I can donate my skills in exchange counter-gifts that will amaze me.

For 2023, this means gently ending the RUPTURE(21) project, while developing(*)AWNB.ORG initiatives, in particular: 

  • Swarming of the dialogical path: several new videos, conferences by invitation, volunteer coaching sessions 45'

  • Teaching French to newcomers: feeling of usefulness in a completely offbeat universe for me + encounters that are just full of life.

  • Youth mentoring+ try to go upstream, in schools, to teach them how to present themselves, to value themselves +  going to meet local missions,

  • a contribution to the boarding of the greatest number in the ecological transition, by giving envy, by popularizing, by setting in motion (and above all ... stepping aside from the quarrels of experts, jargon, eco-anxiety and all that stuff that does not make you want) . On this subject, I recommend the workshop 2 tons who puts his finger on a cool trick to earn points right now ;). For AWNB.ORG, this will be done through frescoes (enhanced by the pedagogical signature of AWNB.ORG), in companies and communities. Highly probable link with frescoes of new stories.

  • increasing the use of narrative practices In Agile Humanware, enabling ncredible people to become authors of their history.

(*) To develop = to try, to experiment, to succeed, to banish ... and above all to meet, learn, create.


Teaching French to newcomers, with our pedagogical signature

(with the support of volunteers from the associationWITH+   contributions from various MOOCs:ALPHAB programCAVILAM)

Mentoring of young people via the platformDEMA1N.ORG

  • listen, restore confidence, clarify the future project, thicken your CV / cover letter with your singularities, prepare for interviews, debrief.

  • use of coaching  brief SOLUTION FOCUS + NARRATIVE PRACTICES

Dissemination of the fundamentals of dialogical organizations

The dialogical way, resulting from the work of social constructionism, is a good alternative to the current approaches to driving change, too often top-down, in a forced march. The dialogical way is that of the co-construction and experimentation of solutions, within generative spaces of creativity and commitment.

AWNB.ORG's mission is to spread knowledge about the potential of this path, without making it the truth of course. Rather in the form of an invitation and you will decide :)

Ecological transition

(Internal R&D) Agile Humanware ++: narrative practices

  • distance learning by La Fabrique Narrative + Tree of Life by Dina Sherrer.

  • progressive integration of PNs in mentoring and support activities on "his" ecological transition

2021, 2020, 2019

Ecological & democratic transition: Facilitator of the digital fresco and the climate fresco, with our educational signature, in 100% dialogical spaces 'SERIOUS BOOTCAMPS'

Yes, I admit it, I couldn't resist twisting the pedagogy of the frescoes. After having participated in several activities, I stayed too much on my end: jargon which remains very technical (therefore excluding rather than including), always the rush for the debriefing and the co-construction of leads (although this is the most important ), moral to zero (I think it's just the opposite that is wanted;)


  • playful awareness based on 'augmented' frescoes

  • reflective space / taking a step back

  • individual and collective movement

Voluntary "Coaching" 45' chrono

  • the idea was to offer a dialogical and reflective space of 45' chrono, to a group of participants, on subjects such as agile management, dialogical transformations, etc ... in distance

  • use of Klaxoon boards in flipped learning, + liberating structures + solution focus

  • to be redone in 2023, integrating narrative practices

Humanathon: allow NGOs to benefit from agility to find solutions to their issues.

  • co-organized with AGILE FRANCE


Symbiotic economy and  ecological transition of municipalities

  • co-organized with Chloe CAYRASSOofPOLITIKER

  • the idea was to provide elected officials and town hall officials with the keys to launch or strengthen their ecological transition approach, by drawing on  

    • the symbiotic economy ofIsabelle DELANNOY, who has since createdSYMBIOTIC COMPANY

    • the dialogical development of organizations to invite and engage the greatest number of stakeholders in the co-construction

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