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The Super Practical Guide

How to switch from prescribed change to generative change


By taking the dialogical path, an organization is continually evolving by promoting the collective construction of solutions, through dialogue and learning. The organization leaves the world of prescribed change management, to make way for generative change, offering spaces for creativity and singular commitment. You also leave the world of 'successive transformations' and exhausting, to return to a mode of continuous evolution, specific to any living organism.


The changeover is not easy because it is a change of culture. To succeed, it is interesting, even essential, that all employees be equipped with the essential keys in order to become authors, and no longer simple actors in the collective history.


I take you to discover the dialogical way, inspired by the movement of social constructionism. Don't be afraid of these 'big words': the idea is simple. We, as social beings, the best way we have found to get along is through dialogue.

You will therefore leave with four new abilities that will make you ambassadors of the dialogic path.


  • Orientation with the few principles of the dialogical way

  • Cultivate appreciative and constructive interactions with the SOLUTION FOCUS language

  • Know how to create, prepare, secure generative spaces for dialogical collaboration with HOST LEADERSHIP

  • Design, Improvise dialogical initiatives with LIBERATING STRUCTURES

  • Install the dialogical way in a sustainable way with RUPTURE DOUCE.

The few royalties from the sale of this book are donated to the NGO "Agility With No Borders"

The Super Practical Guide to MANAGEMENT 3.0


Whether you are a manager or an employee, if you are looking for keys to humanize individual and collective performance: you have come to the right place. Knowing that management is not the sole property of managers, this super practical guide to Management 3.0 is for everyone.


Freely inspired by my managerial background, by my experiences in coaching agile organizations, this version of MANAGEMENT 3.0 is personal, authentic, enriched with the essential ingredients that nourish my daily practice: HOST LEADERSHIP, SOLUTION FOCUS, HEART OF AGILE.


By following a progressive experiential course, all in reverse pedagogy, you will leave with new abilities to cultivate 100% agile managerial interactions, to

  • Infusing Authentic Agile Culture with the HEART OF AGILE Compass

  • Make the most of human capital by activating everyone's intrinsic motivation, thanks to MOVING MOTIVATORS.

  • Facilitate team empowerment up to emancipation with DELEGATION POKER

  • Facilitate constructive interactions between all stakeholders, using SOLUTION FOCUS language.

  • Invite without forcing MANAGEMENT 3.0 in your organization, with an exemplary host posture (HOST LEADERSHIP).


The few royalties from the sale of this book are donated to the NGO "Agility With No Borders"

The Super Practical Guide to HOST LEADERSHIP


This practical guide aims to give you instant keys to develop a new posture that

will surprise you, and which will surprise those around you, in many situations such as:

  • generate commitment, desire,

  • facilitate collective intelligence,

  • transmit with a reverse pedagogy,

  • supporting change through constructive conversations,

  • develop autonomy,

  • give sense,

  • take care of,

  • and a thousand other uses that you will discover by practicing.


Here, you invite yourself on an exploratory journey to connect with natural qualities, skills or abilities, because already within you: everyone has been a host at least once in their life, sometimes from an early age, inviting friends on his birthday.


This guide is designed to appropriate the host posture with an experiential pedagogy. You will approach each element of Host Leadership first through a sequence of warm-ups, then exercises and stretches.


By inviting you to an excellent practice,



The few royalties from the sale of this book are donated to the NGO "Agility With No Borders"

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