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AWNB therefore intends to be an NGO wishing to put our "agile technology", 100% human at the service of various populations, in particular those who wish to change their living environment. 


This NGO relies on a collective of practitioners from the agile culture, united by a singular posture and pragmatic practices.  bundled into a frugal companion composite named "Agile Humanware".


Our little story ;)

"AWNB was created in December 2019, on my 50th birthday, with the first desire: to contribute to the development of distant populations, encountered during my great travels, for example, the people who hosted and guided us, in the deserts. minerals from Ladakh during the summer of 2019. The trigger was theinitiative of Kubair SHIRAZEE, in Pakistan, materialized by the creation of the NGOPeace Trough Prosperity."

"COVID having been there, the "remote" has come closer... and that's good because 1) there's already a lot to do, here, right on its doorstep, 2) it's good for my carbon footprint .See the list of our initiatives since 2019 is growing over the months.The diversity of our projects continues to make us grow while consolidating our convictions, always centered on human interactions, co-construction, gift and counter-gift."


What you can
get from us


​We can help you in the following fields

  • Support teachers with our reverse pedagogy (improve teaching skills)

  • Improve children to students learning skills

  • Provide conversational English and French support in small groups, for kids, adults

  • Mentoring people, especially young ones to get a job (prepare a resume, motivation letter, attend recruitment interviews, ...)

  • Be involved in your staff development (with specific skills such as Management, HR,  IT, Coaching / Mentoring / Facilitations)

  • Support Local Family Businesses (HomeStay, Restaurants, ...) to develop their activities and increase their revenues [only eco-friendly activities]

  • Get involved with community projects

  • Run team-building activities


** New ** TEA LEAF Project

Help young Sri Lankans aged 19/26 to get out oftheir tea plantation poverty circle.


Via the, as part of the "1 young person 1 solution" projects


quite a challenge, magical, to transmit our language to thiswho arrive in our country.


Engaging awareness sessions, confronting myths and realities, without eco-anxiety, so that everyone becomes the author of tomorrow.

'agile secret sauce'

To carry out our missions, we have developed

a composite of operational support, stemming from the agile culture, 100% pragmatic, centered on individuals and their interactions.

We use ; 

  • LIBERATING STRUCTURES to facilitate fruitful interactions

  • HOST LEADERSHIP to create generative spaces of creativity and engagement

  • the SOLUTION FOCUS language to cultivate an appreciative and constructive spirit

  • Sharon Bowman's REVERSED PEDAGOGY to maximize learning

  • MANAGEMENT 3.0 to install agile leadership

  • HEART OF AGILE to take advantage of the benefits of agile culture

  • The LEAN STARTUP to facilitate the emergence of new activities / services

  • The MOBIUS LOOP as a driver of continuous evolution

  • The DIALOGICAL PATH to integrate everything

How you can help us


AWNB is a very young NGO just waiting to learn, grow, meet new people and grow slowly with your help. Become...


to accompany
with AgileHumanware.



to help us to operate and finance our actions
(NGOs, corporates, institutions,
sponsors, media)


to evolve Agile Humanware,
to grow AWNB.

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