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Text (in french) presenting the ingredients of the first version of Agile Humanware, published in volume 06 of the collection RUPTURE DOUCE (Soft Dirsuption) 

Scheduled for S1/2023, the next version will be even more 'integrative', with a single common thread: the dialogical way, resulting from social constructionism =>video available.

This new version will also make room for narrative practices.

  • Driving generative change with the dialogical development of organizations

  • Creation and animation of generative spaces of creativity and engagement with

    • the invitational posture with Host Leadership

    • Appreciative and Constructive Interactions with Solution Focus and Narrative Practices

    • the design of workshops of any size with Liberating Structures

  • Continuous evolution with the MOBIUS loop

  • Optional :

    • Managerial interactions with Management 3.0

    • Focusing on agile culture with Heart Of Agile

'agile secret sauce'


is our concentrate of pragmatic capabilities, always focused on people, pragmatism,

useful and responsible.

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