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We are looking for NGOs at the service of the human

who wish to benefit from a passionate pool of agilists

to find a solutionto a subject they carry..


... in 2h30 flat!!

But what's going on?

Where  did this great idea come from??

If chance does not exist, synchronicity is very real.
The proof !

At the beginning of December, two veterans of agility meet for the first time in a central landmark, Père Fouettard. In fact, barely seated, the discussions start as if they had known each other for a long time, which is somewhat true, via social networks... But that's not all. Say that when deep common values are there, broadband starts at a quarter turn...

A few exchanges on our life paths, when I announced to Fabrice my NGO project, in order  to play Robin Hood a bit, by allowing the less privileged populations to benefit from our agility. This project has been there since I was 40, so 10+ years.

Here is my new friend taking out a notebook... and broadband mutates into Space X to give birth to the first Humanathon supported by the oldest French agile conference, during the Agile France 2020 edition: put the agile at the service of the human, the humanitarian, at the service of others.

(see the original comment at the bottom of the page)

How will it be? 

1. You apply by pressing the big button below ;)

2. A member of the team contacts you to become your tutor.

3. Together you clarify your request. You will already live your first unique experience in contact with our DNA.

4. On D-Day, you come with your subject (max 3 people). You will be welcomed by your tutor who will take you to your workshop, where you will have 2h30  to leave with a solution.

L. SARRAZIN 01.jpg

It's not just money in life.


We, the orga* team of the Agile France** conference, believe that value is not always financial, we believe in the gift economy, in the power of NGOs, in human values that go beyond the individual.

For this reason, we have decided to give the 2020 conference a different tone:the agile at the service of the human, of the humanitarian, at the service of others.


As part of this theme, we want to take advantage of the arrival of 350 agilists at the conference to create products for NGOs. We call this approach the humanathon (hashtag#humanathon).


We will accompany project leaders during this year 2020 and then we will ask you during the conference because your stone is necessary for the building. Agilists, we have already changed the economy, now let's change the world.


Humanitarian project leaders, contact us.

#agile #conference #humanathon


* Group of volunteer organizers.

** Conference without sponsor, it will take place on June 11 and 12, 2020 in Paris.

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