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(why we are here) 

After many years of being managers and/or coaches, consultants, trainers, we are a group of practionners willing to share our experience to NGOs involved in the field of social services, education, employability, entrepreneurship, project cooperation, citizen involvement, participative democracy, and much more. It's our way to contribute to a better quality of life on this planet.  

Many of us are coming from the Agile Culture, where the main value is to focus on people and interactions to make things happen properly, leveraging the best of the people, according their pace, their capacities, always focusing on the resources they already have (consciously or not). We help them to lead their projects, paving their road by themselves with constructive and appreciative dialogs.

We do speak the langage of the solutions rather than being problem oriented.

We have decided to lead nothing but to be simple hosts.

Many of us have also a deep background of around-the-world travelers or expatriates. That's why we also target unprivileged people, like street-business owners, remote village teachers, tiny companies.



what you get from us

We can help you in the following fields

  • Support teachers with our reverse pedagogy (improve teaching skills)

  • Improve children to students learning skills

  • Provide conversational English and French support in small groups, for kids, adults

  • Mentoring people, especially young ones to get a job (prepare a resume, motivation letter, attend recruitment interviews, ...)

  • Be involved in your staff development ( with specific skills such as Management, HR,  IT, Coaching / Mentoring / Facilitations)

  • Support Local Family Businesses (HomeStay, Restaurants, ...) to develop their activities and increase their revenues [only eco-friendly activities]

  • Get involved with community projects

  • Run team-building activities

  • etc ..

Here is a set of 'capacities' we shall pass to you, with different ingredients part of our secret sauce, an open-source kit named "Agile Humanware".

  • nurture sparkling dynamics into your activities with cooperative facilitation techniques (innovation games, game stormingliberating structures)

  • host fruitful interactions with the graphic facilitation,

  • foster the lead of your projects with the soft power of the invitation (Host Leadership),

  • engage your team-mates with a smart contemporary leadership (Management 3.0

  • be adaptative to welcome uncertainty by embracing the agile culture (Heart of Agile),

  • develop new activities / services with high traction (Lean Startup, Value Proposition Design, Purpose Aligment Model),

  • grow up continuously your structure with a never ending learning mindset (Mobius Loop).

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How we can make it happen

If we like to provide on-site or remote trainings to your teams, we are even more pleased to work on the field, with you, by your side.

We are volunteering, so we do it for free, like a donation.

Woofing is also appreciated as it is for us a great way to share a bit of our lives & cultures ;)

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