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Creation of a coding school @ Tea Leaf Centers


Train young people 19/26 years old to the basics of  
- Full Stack Development
- UI/UX Design / Graphic Design

to fulfill local market needs within various companies

+ access the worldwide market through feelance platforms

Stage 1 of the project (2024), 

For a first set of 15 to 20 students, in one of the Tea Leaf Centers (Maskeliya or Nuwara Eliya) :

  1. Setup the ground of the learning infrastructure (laptops, development framework, opensource toolkit, knowledge resources, etc ...)

  2. Design the Syllabus (or provide ready-made material) and/or select a set of existing resources

  3. Provide Initial Trainings

  4. Train Local Teachers

To be part of this volunteering  project

You can volunteer in different ways

  1. Provide laptops, preferably QWERTY (for instance, used and dismissed laptops from your company)

  2. Provide your skills for the design of the syllabus,

  3. Go onsite to kick-start the trainings, embark local trainers,

What does "volunteering" mean ?

Help is provided on volunteering basis, meaning on your own financial resources. Tea Leaf Centers cannot afford to cover your travel and accomodations expenses.


As per our own initial experiences, we can share that the return of your gift will be highly emotional, full of positive energy. We feel that we grew a lot.

There, people have an incredible thirst of learning pragmatic things to improve their life and help their communities. It provides a wise step-back with our crazy western lives.

We can assist you to find a local accomodation, transport.

As it should be great to also enjoy Sri Lanka best places, we can help you to organize a discovery of the tea plantations, and other srilankan pearls .This small island in the Pacific Ocean is full of surprises, whatever you like : budhist / hindu temples, ancient cities, jungle, safaris, hikes, beaches, snorkeling, whales watching, street food, sea food, etc ...


Click and share with us how you would like to contribute to this project.

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