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S2-S2022volunteer coaching 01.png
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In 40 minutes flat, take advantage of a moment of volunteer coaching to leave with pragmatic keys to prepare for your return to school


About this event

Involved in an agile transformation, you want to prepare well for your return to school in 2022, to embark on the Sept/Dec period on a great dynamic: in 40 minutes of volunteer coaching, you will leave with concrete keys, contextualized to your ambition.

AgilityWithNoBorders(*) offers you here a totally appreciative and constructive experience, while inviting you on the path of the dialogical development of organizations. Quickly, you will perceive the benefits of this approach, centered on generative rather than prescribed change, with the virtue of considering people as authors of their evolution, instead of being simple actors of their change.


The rhythm will be intense, in 3 beats / 3 movements:

  • Workshop 1: SOLUTION FOCUS assessment of your ambition

  • Awakening: The DIALOGICAL PATH rather than the diagnostic path, or how to maximize people's adherence by pivoting from prescribed change to generative change

  • Workshop 2: Co-construction of your next steps


Participation in this event is completely free. Your presence will already be a precious gift.

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