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About this event

You are a manager in an agile context, you want to prepare well for your return to school in 2022, to continue developing your posture embodying the fundamentals of the agile culture. : in 40 minutes of voluntary coaching, you will leave with concrete keys, contextualized to your ambition.

AgilityWithNoBorders(*) offers you here a totally appreciative and constructive experience, while inviting you on a generative and narrative path in order to be fully author of your evolution.


The rhythm will be intense, in 3 beats / 3 movements:

  • Workshop 1: SOLUTION FOCUS assessment of your current posture

  • Awakening: from the heroic manager to the manager-host, via the servant-leader: lighting on an inspiring posture, liberating individual and collective performance.

  • Workshop 2: Co-construction of your next steps


Participation in this event is completely free. Your presence will already be a precious gift.

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